About Dale Adams Automotive Specialists


About Dale Adams

Our History

 It all started back in 1977 when Dale Adams incorporated his business, at that time it was operating the Willow Park Texaco service station. In 1981 the business moved to 42nd Avenue operating Macleod Trail Husky Service Station. A few years later (1983) it was time to focus on the passion of working on vehicles and not having to worry about operating the fuel station; that is where the company became Dale Adams Dyno Tune and Brake Specialists and was located in a small shop on 46th Avenue just off Macleod Trail. Fortunately for the success of Dale’s passion the building was outgrown and the company expanded into a larger facility; again moving close to Macleod Trail off 1A Street, circa 1990. From there in 1995 the business moved to another location on MacLeod Trail and 75th avenue. This remained our home for 21 solid years. During this time we were fortunate enough to acquire more space in the same location and were able to grow our business to serve you better.

As time progressed the team at Dale Adams Automotive Specialists started to feel like we were reaching the limitations that our shop had to offer. This meant it was time to move on. Dale and his team looked at multiple locations and spent months trying to find the new home for Dale Adams Automotive Specialists. In the summer of 2016 a new home was found. 12181 44th St. S.E.  Calgary, AB.

Making a new show room, moving all the lift, equipment and technicians to our new building was an adventure all on its own. But our new location has 11 full service bays, a chassis Dyno bay and we have 12 full time employees including 7 fully licensed technicians. Over the years, Dale Adams Automotive Specialists has established many great partnerships including the Alberta Motor Association, Better Business Bureau, Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council, Whipple Superchargers and Shelby American.

Dale Adams Automotive

Our core values

Dale Adams Automotive Specialists core values are to provide our clients a complete source for all their automotive needs through exceptional customer service, highly trained and skilled technicians, up to date equipment to ensure proper and thorough diagnostics, using quality parts keeping availability and cost into consideration to keep their vehicles maintained and on the road.

We focus on making sure our clients are informed and educated to make the proper decisions on required services, repairs or upgrades.